Uniform Solutions

We consider ourselves trouble shooters, but it is not our aim to deliver uniforms and then to leave customers to their own device.

A comprehensive uniform solution includes the following:
definition of the specifications
management of the creative phase (competition or contract)
production of prototypes and patterns ready for production
production of a size series
organization of a fitting session
production of a uniform with individual adjustments
release and delivery of the uniform
support accompanying the entire period of uniform use
supply to new entries
taking back used uniform parts/redelivery of used uniform parts
organization of uniform allocation in the follow-up years
storage management and disposition
disposal/recycling uniform discontinued uniforms

The aim of a comprehensive co-operation programme with an large airline company is the outsourcing of all uniform-related tasks.

We deliver so-called made-to-measure garments: in the first production phase, ready-to- wear uniforms are produced in standard size and completed up to 90%. After a successful fitting by the uniform wearers, the final touches are added.