Proper measurements

Genuinely Custom-made - It's worth the effort!
We place great emphasis on our sizing service because we want you to be satisfied with your new outfit. Please check what size suits you best in the following chart.

Proper measurements - quite easy really!
Alright, if you know your size. Even better, you should check your size before ordering because body sizes can change. Take your measurements accurately, that means tightly not too loosely, since all measurements in the charts are so-called " body measurements ". While measuring keep on all your underwear and stand relaxed. Get some assistance, that's even more accurate.

Print out this page and write down your measurements beside the corresponding values. Then on to the sizing chart - please compare your measured values with our listed sizes.

1 Height
Without shoes, from head to toe. It works best against a door frame.
2 Chest Measurement
Measure horizontally around the largest possible point of the chest.
3 Waist Measurement
Without pulling tightly measure around the waistline.
4 Hip/Buttocks Measurement
Place the measuring tape around the largest possible point of the hips or buttocks.
5 Side length
Measure the side length with waistband from the waist over the hips.
With longer trousers to the sole of your foot, with skirts to the bottom of the hem.
6 Collar width
While measuring place your finger under the measuring tape which is loosely around your neck.

Men require for: 1 2 3 4 5 6
Trousers x   x x x  
Jackets, blousons x x x    
T-Shirts, polo-shirts   x      
Shirts         x
Women require for:
2 3 4 5
Skirts   x x x
Blazers, blouses, t-shirts, polo-shirts x x x  
Trousers   x x x

In case your measurements are between two sizes, you are advised to order the larger size, it's better to have things loose-fitting rather than too tight.

An important request: If the measured sizes correspond to the measurements of your favourite piece of clothing and with the chart, please give us your ready-to-wear size for each model (jacket, trousers, shirt).
For example: The jacket can be size 50, the trousers size 26. Only in this way can we achieve all round satisfaction for our customers in your new outfits.

Let's move on to the measurement chart - Please compare your measured values with our sizes.